Rather than wait until I screw it up, as usual...

CEFreemanJune 20, 2012

...I thought I'd go back and read every, 175 threads on stripping furniture.

Being currently and suddenly unemployed, I have been job hunting. In the meanwhile, I can't have the 15 antique doors I got for $10 - $35 each stripped (I know, not necessarily a good idea, but 15?) since I'm in a financial crunch.

That said, I was eying the Ez Strip again. I thought to myself, "Self? It's 95 degrees out there."

So I got out a victim door, the saw horses, the brush, the plastic scraper and the thick, black plastic.

I spread that stuff on what I thought was thick, and covered it with plastic. Then I came and read here for an hour.

When I checked it, I was shocked at how easily the places such as the detail, simply peeled away with the scraper. Places where the stripper wasn't so thick didn't.


I scraped what I could, vacuumed off the scrape-y stuff and recoated it. Thicker. Back went the plastic.

This time, 3 hours later?

OMG. Again, where it was thick enough, the stuff peeled off like TV. I will have a 3rd round to go, but only THREE!?!

The best part is all the corners and edges just bubbled off.

Thank you all, for your patience in repeating yourselves 175 times. I think I got it!

now about that wiping it down with mineral spirits or acetone... I don't get which I should use, when I'm ready.

But that's another research session.


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You guys ignoring me?

Just to test it out, I'll pose a question. :)

This stripper stuff was fantastic. All the detail just bubbled right off. It's the flat surfaces where it didn't make much of a dent.

That said, I applied my 3rd time and got as much as I could off. I finally gave in to my metal scraper, but very, very carefully. I didn't want to gouge the wood like I did on my mahogany front door.

So... I've got some places where there were dents and dings that previous painters just painted over. The sander won't get the white paint out.

Is this where I use the stripper and a tooth brush?
Will the stripper stain or discolor the newly sanded wood?

What procedure would you recommend?

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