need help refinishing walnut dining table

urbancholitaJune 22, 2010


I'm new to the forum and desperately in need of some advice. I have a large dining room table from my boyfriend's grandma. I have been told it is walnut veneer over solid wood (also walnut). My boyfriend's mother told me to strip the top using Formby's Furniture Refinisher and follow that with Formby's Tung Oil Finish. I have gone over the top twice with the refinisher and steel wool (used about 1.5 small cans), but the top now looks slightly blotchy (lighter in spots and darker in others) and feels a little gummy. I'm nervous to do any sanding because it's veneer, so I'm not sure how to proceed.

1. keep using more formbys?

2. apply the tung oil and hope for the best?

3. lightly sand and hope i don't bust through the veneer?

4. some other option I haven't thought of . . .

Advice? I can send pictures if that would help.



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Without seeing it, I'm guessing that you have not completely removed the finish and that it is not wood that has been stained (by some chemical, not a prior attempt of applying a "wood stain.")

Formby's refinisher is an ATM stripper, essentially a variant of lacquer thinner. It works by dissolving the finish so you can wipe off most of it and smear around the rest. The solvents work well on lacquer and shellac (which are redissolved in their respective solvents, both of which are in lacquer thinner) and slowly on other finishes such as varnish.

While you can continue with it, things will go faster with a methylene chloride stripper (see the link above.)

And while we are at it, Formby's Tung Oil finish is merely a varnish thinned to wiping consistency. Not that it is necessarily a bad product, it is just not tung oil and contains no tung oil.

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