Folding Screen Stabilizers

susanowmJune 7, 2008

We have a folding screen that needs something to stabilize it because our floor is uneven. I would like to attach something to the bottom that would stabilize it so it is like a temporary wall and not dependent on the angle of the folds to keep it vertical. Any ideas where I could find some "crossbar" legs to put on it? Or do I have to make them myself? If so, any ideas how to go about this or suggested components to use?

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Sounds like a simple custom job. I think it's safe to say that there is nothing commercially available for you. I would start with a rough "mock-up". This will allow you to determine the minimum length for stability of your crossbar or foot. I would use a 2X4 by 10" or so. Screw it to the bottom of your divider. From there you should be able to sense it if can be shorter and still stable. Then re-cut if necessary. The final design could be made by a pro, like myself, if you would like. Perhaps it may need adjustable feet attached to the wood foot also.

Here is a link that might be useful: TMW products

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