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gumpSeptember 22, 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and would like some advice. I am looking to replace my 25 year old pella sliding patio door to a Sunrise brand. A dealer here in northern NJ quoted me ~ $3400 for a Sunrise sliding door with internal white blinds, ultra-u glass system, installation, disposal of old door, and outside aluminum clad trim finish.

Is this a good or fair price? Seems a bit high to me.

They also sell Provia sliding doors also. Its a few hundred dollars more for same features. Is it worth it?

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Sunrise makes a very nice door, and I know that the blinds can be pricey. The price may or may not be reasonable depending on other factors like size and installation circumstances. They best way to find that out would be to get a couple more quotes. HiMark/Okna and the Softlite Kingsroyal are a couple of other top vinyl choices. The thing that I like about both of those is that they are a fully welded frame, not mechanically fastened.

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Ultra -U- Plus glass is not available with internal blinds because it is a soft coat LoE. Sunrise uses a hard coat LoE instead. Soft lite does not offer any LoE glass with mini blinds.

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Okna make a very nice/ solid patio door with exceptional performance numbers.

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i never answered your question, 3400 is not a crazy price at all for a high quality vinyl patio door with blinds. a patio door is something where you dont want to compromise on quality.
i know Okna offers a beautiful patio door with blinds as well as soft lite.
sunrise does not offer argon or soft coat lowE on a door with internal blinds.

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We recently installed a new sliding door with internal blinds when we did our windows. We looked at Sunrise, Lindsay and Okna. We got the best price on the Okna and are very happy with one exception - the screen door sticks a bit and the clasp when closed doesn't connect well. I liked the Sunrise better - their screen door hung on rollers from the top and was much easier to use. However, for the price the Okna was a no-brainer for us. Other than the screens the doors seemed comparable between the Lindsay and Okna - we didn't see the Lindsay in person but it seemed decent and also came with the internal blinds.

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oops - I meant to say "the doors seemed comparable between the Sunrise and Okna"

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My read of the Sunrise Door from their website (above essentials model) is that it is fully fusion welded, not sure if info provided by homesealed is accurate in that regard.

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The door panels are fully welded, but the frame is a "knock down", meaning it has to be assembled at the time of installation. I don't think this is a big deal at all, but some of the pros here disagree.

Sunrise makes a great patio door.

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Thanks for the clarification Ultra.
@vbhomeowner, the panels are welded with the frame being mechanically fastened. It is a very nice door, I just prefer a welded frame if all else is equal.

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Thanks, I get the difference now between both - thanks for the clarification Ultra and Homesealed. In one door window panels are welded but frame is not, in other frame and window panel both are welded. Interesting.

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