back in the saddle....

aka_strawberrygoatSeptember 11, 2010

after soooo much going on, I'm back to adhesive and grout.

my mom died on August 5th..

this may seem weird but I'll say it anyway....

right after my mom died, I felt like I had a conversation with my mind, not standing anywhere, talking to her and it was as if she was coaxing me to get going.

I've been dragging my feet for a very long time, knowing the day was coming that she was going to be gone.

I visited her the day she was transported to a new facility and 4 days later she was gone.

since then, I have had this tremendous desire to do, to make, to draw, to paint..whatever it has been in the past that I've done slowly and sporatically.

yes, I've been getting things done.

it's like finally, I took the reigns and took her advice, which she'd been giving me for ages and a half.

I feel good about it and making progress.

it's all over the board, not just one area and to give a simple example..

I was reading one post about the adhesive...whether it would hold up in the winter weather or not..

well, this morning I had told myself that I would stay home, no matter what else I wanted to do..

to go to farmer's market,

to go to a friend's house to cook Samoan foods

to go to a certain clothes bank

to go to the grandkids' school for a craft fair

to go to a fuchsia show, that I belong to

I had all of them earmarked to try and least two of them, but I knew I couldn't get to all of them.

so, I chose to stay home and clean my kitchen...

a promise I had to fulfill.

anyway, the post about the adhesive

Slow had suggested the Maipei, with fortifyer

after I had stayed home and did a huge amount of cleaning, I had a backache and was ready to stop.

I found a set of van keys that I had misplaced for a couple of months.

I found, going out to the van, to make sure they were the right ones, which I knew they were...was the mail man..

so, I went across the street to check the mail.

as I was headed back to my driveway, there were 2 bald eagles, flying over my house.

that's the third time so far this year..each time, something happens that's in a way helpful...

I had talked to my daughter about a curio cabinet I have, that I bought from them, before they moved to Ireland.

they've been back for over a year and I still have it but have since emptied it, cuz I know they want it back.

well, I called them and asked if I could keep it till this summer coming up..

she really needs it, cuz the girls are getting bigger and she needs to lock away some fine china.

so, after I got off the phone, I decided to run down to the Habitat Restore.

guess what I found?

a chrome and glass cabinet, that matches identically to the 3 I already have, from my mom's house..

I bought it on the spot and got it loaded into my van..(different van from the keys)it's going to be a great way to still put my painted porcelain back into a glass shelf..

and went back inside the store..

guess what else I found?

a huge containter and another one half the size of mortar additive...the huge one was $12...wayyy cheaper than to buy it at Lowe's or Home Depot..

the second one was $6 but pink label, so %25 off it...another great savings..

and that cabinet..the chrome one..

$10...also a pink tag, so it too was 25% off...$8

deal and a half, huh?

when I did the leaf castings in cement, I bought a gallon of the additive for the cement and paid more for a much smaller amount.

another post, I'll tell you about the stash of stained glass I got on Wednesday..another batch..

positive thoughts lead to positive outcome...


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aka strawberrygoat, I am so sorry for your loss. Sounds like you are slowly and surely getting back on track. Positive thoughts ... I saw your name the other day when I was searching some old posts looking for emtnest's spoon dragonflies, along with cathyscache and Katieshooked and mermaid4life and others and I wondered where you all were. Congrats on all your good deals. Tell us more about the stained glass.

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My condolences also on the loss of your Mom. Mine passed last September, and I still miss her. You l'il artist!!!!!!! It's about time you think about putting that fierce talent of yours to work. I think you'll find that it w/settle you and put you in a realllly happy place. I see it happening in my student. She is absolutely hooked on mosaics. She's on her third project, w/lots more planned, and says it calms her nerves to mosaic. Sounds like you have all the materials now, so break open those sacks of adhesive, break something and start gluing!!! Want some pictures. Want some pictures. Want some pictures. Show your stuff, girlie. Glad you're back. I, too, miss the other members that have vanished.

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Becky: So Sorry for your loss! It sounds like she is with you in Spirit tho, and encouraging you do go ahead and let your creativity flow!! Like Slow said,,,,PICS!!!!ha!

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Yes good to see you back and I to am so sorry for the loss of your mom .Mosaic is my release from reality !!!Ha!!!!

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My condolences on your loss. It sounds like you have found her spirit in yourself and have started with the healing process. As each day passes, the next will seem brighter.

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