Attaching storm windows ideas needed

dukes909September 2, 2010

Ok, they arenÂt really storm windows as such, but for the purposes of this discussion, they are. What I have is a screened porch that I am going to build "storm windows" for in order to use it as a sunroom in the colder months (here thatÂs Nov  March). I used to fasten the plastic sheeting up each year, but itÂs a hassle in many ways, and IÂd like something a little more solid.

So what IÂm looking at doing is very similar construction-wise to what this fellow did:

I envision using the same type hangers ( at the top that he did for the windows, hooking them on at the top, but I am at a loss as to how I will fasten the windows at the bottom. Below are a couple of pictures of my porch. What I am going to do is put the windows on the outside of the screen and lattice strip that covers the screen seams. On the bottom however, youÂll see a 2" ledge that the bottom of the window will rest on, but I cannot figure out how to attach it there. I realize the easiest thing would be to just nail a narrow strip of wood across the ledge in front of the window, but that means IÂll have to use a prybar to get the thing off next spring. I really need something that can be used on each window individually, that allows the window to go on and off easily and yet solidly holds it in place! Is there such a thing? The windows will be roughly 2Â x 5Â, including the frame.

Porch - side view

Porch - ledge closeup


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There was an article on just this kind of retrofit in "Fine Homebuilding" last year. I do not have the exact reference, but bet you can find it at the mag's web site.


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I looked and could not find it unless I was using the wrong search terms. Anyone know what issue/title?

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How about something like these? We have the larger size on our original wooden storm windows and you just tighten/loosen them to be able to remove the windows. Our turn buttons are on the lower side and bottom of the windows.

Here is a link that might be useful: turn buttons

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