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cookingrvcJune 21, 2010

Ok, so this might seem like a very lame question, but my husband wants to hang our outdoor speakers on our newly finished extension and I am opposed to making holes in the trim or the siding (Hardie Board). The brackets for the speakers force us to mount them vertically.

So, we thought he could make a box-ish structure to hold the speaker (front will be open). Our contractor reinforced the vinyl (or whatever it is) soffit so he could screw into it.

The wires are already there just waiting to be hooked up to the speakers.

My husband just tried to make the box-y thing and has already given up. He did a great job on crown molding in our living room so I am not sure why he's having a problem with this.

I included a picture of the addition below and wonder if you have any suggestions other than building a box to hold the speakers...or if that is our only to easily make a box that is not too challenging to a novice.

Looking at the structure, the speakers will be on the left side under the soffit...same on the right.

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How are you planning on attaching this "box"? Maybe I'm missing something but wouldn't you have to screw it to the wall?

MDF is a poor choice for outdoor projects. I'd suggest using something like Azek or MDO (which is a outdoor plywood product with a special coating that's designed to be painted).

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The 'plan' was to install it to the underside of the soffit, not the wall. However since I posted this I learned that the speaker can be mounted we are going to mount it directly to the soffit which is reinforced with wood that the contractor placed to support the speaker.

About the MDF...good to know in case we ever attempt to do anything ourselves.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.


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