Casement window and condensation? New windows?

angeezSeptember 18, 2012

We have Anderson casement windows, some were put in in 1992 and some in 2002. The ones in 1992 get condensation on the window that I can wipe off (not between the glass). We are going to be getting new construction windows but are struggling with what brand etc. I am afraid that the new windows will get condensation too. It is bad in the winter, sometimes even ice. UGH!!!!! Any advice? We would like to do all vinyl, I think wood is just a pain to deal with, it dents easy and is harder to clean than vinyl.


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Condensation on windows can be caused by several different reasons. You could have a low level of air leakage, too much moisture in the house or the glass may not be very energy efficient.

When choosing new windows, find out what the condensation resistance rating is and buy the window with the best (highest) rating. Keep in mind that even the most energy efficient windows can still get condensation forming on the glass if the humidity levels in your house are high.

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Any idea what the humidity level should be in my house?

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It depends on a lot of factors including how cold it is outside and how much air flow their is around the window. The simple answer is just low enough to prevent condensation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Controlling Condensation

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It is very likely that you have collapsed glass. Many window companies have/had this problem. Andersen has a repair procedure and the warranty on your windows ends this year. One way to tell is to open a sash. Place an index finger on either side of the glass, opposite one another. Move from the edge to the middle. If your fingers seem to get closer in the middle, the glass is collapsed. This is where the argon has leaked out, but the ambient air is unable to get in, creating a vacuum.....collapsing the glass. Call Andersen @ 1-888-888-7020. Give them the visible glass size of the sash and the date code in the corner. The service includes opening the seal and letting a bit of air in which makes the glass thickness uniform. If this is the issue, no more condensation....unless the humidity is too high in your home.

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OOps....forgot to mention. Andersen had this issue from 1988-1992.

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My condensation is on the glass that I can touch, not that what you are talking about?


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yes, it forms on the inside of the home. Because the glass is so close together, it will more easily produce condensation because the glass is cold.

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To follow up on jacobe's thoughts, is the condensation at the edges of the glass nest to the wood sash, or is it in the center of the glass like a circle right in the middle of the window?

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