using a two pole switch in a split light circuit

uniflowApril 8, 2011

Greetings everyone, my thanks in advance for your help. I plan to pull a four wire 240V service to my out building. There are ten identical fluorescent lights that I want to come on at the same time but as two separate circuits.

To balance the load between phases could I run the two legs of a two pole breaker to a two pole switch and then go off the switch to five lights on one side and five on the other? Am I correct that this would effectively cancel netural current so I could combine neutrals and run one white wire back to the sub panel unbonded neutral bar? I have researched multi-wiring receptacles and this seems to fall into that realm.

Thank you again, Jim

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"To balance the load between phases..."

You most likely have a single phase 120/240 V service.
It is not a separate phase.

'Balancing' between the legs, especially for small loads is not all that useful.

If you really want to make things more complicated than needed you could use a multi-wire branch circuit with a two pole switch controlling the two legs to switch the circuit.

Make sure you use a two pole breaker (required in a case like this even under the old code rules).

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I'm probably missing why you don't want somebody to turn on half the lights? So just having two switches mounted in a double box seems much simpler.

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