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gumpSeptember 26, 2012

Hi everyone,

I want to thank everyone for their responses regarding the Sunrise sliding patio doors from my earlier post.

I do have another...

What is your feedback regarding Provia sliding patio and hinged french style doors? I like the idea that Provia has a sliding patio door with the options of having internal blinds and grills. Thanks again.

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Their hinged fiberglass and steel products are top-notch. I assume that the sliding door is part of their vinyl line, which in my experience is decent, just not on the same level as their hinged units... Regarding the blinds and grids, I assume you mean that they have the ability to do blinds OR grids in the glass, correct? I don;t believe that anyone offers the ability to have both blinds and grids between the glass... Most of the higher end vinyl lines (HiMark, Softlite, Sunrise, Okna) among others will offer blinds or grids between the glass. One thing that I recommend if you like the blinds, would be to get a product that is operated by a "slide" rather than a magnet and cord. Those are very tedious to operate and just ugly.

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We are in the process of finalizing an order for a ProVia steel entry door. There is definitely an option to have internal grids AND internal blinds in the same door. I was surprised that you can have them both, but you can. Just today my husband and I decided we're going to skip the grids after all and just go with the blinds, because after seeing the internal grids up close in person we didn't think they fit that well together at the seams. I was a little disappointed about leaving them out because I think they add some personality to the door, but I know myself well enough to know that the little gaps where each piece butts together would eventually drive me bonkers! :-)

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Hi Homesealed, what is the approximate price range for a 72 x 80 hinged patio door with only one door active?
Low E glass, no grids, double door.


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The price would be more than 5k for something decent,

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Very hard to say dutseal, from the wide array of products available to the installation requirements and product options, to the size and overhead of the dealer, there can be major variances. I'd say $4-$6k is a general range. Possibly more if you get fancy, but you'd be hard pressed to find a quality product installed for less.

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I agree with that price range.

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Thanks Homesealed and Mmarse. Now that I have a rough figure, I can concentrate on the brand within my budget. I will definitely look into Homeguard doors.

Thanks for helping guys!

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Good update and keep us posted.

That is a very reasonable number that you have as a range now depending on how you load it up.

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