handrails and blood wood floors

arebellaJune 6, 2007

I'm building a new house which will have bloodwood floors and white painted trim. I need to start thinking about what to do with my foyer staircase. What I'd like to do is paint the risers, balausters and trim white, use bloodwood for the treads, and then match the top handrail to the bloodwood treads and floor. Is is possible to get a top rail made of bloodwood, or if not, can oak or some other wood be stained to match the bloodwood?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I doubt seriously is any wood can be stained close to bloodwood. You will have to find someone or some company to make the rail from bloodwood.

I love bloodwood, it smalls like a fine perfume when cut.

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Thanks for the info. There are plenty of Amish furniture makers and finish carpenters in the area where we're building who can probably make the rail for me, so that's good to know. I'll put that on my list for the GC to look into.

I love bloodwood too. I looked at many different types of HW for my floors, but it's the one I kept coming back to over and over. It's such a dramatic color and beautiful wood, although on such a large scale, it's definitely not for those timid with color. That's very interesting about the smell. I'll have to check that out.

Thanks for your help. I'll post some pics when it's all installed.

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