Outside GFI Reset button will not push in

oneslipApril 8, 2010

Hello, I have an outside GFI outlet & the reset button will not push in, it just clicks & pops back out when I try to push it in. Nothing has been recently changed so not sure why now it would be having issues. I checked the fuse box and the fuse has not been tripped so I am at a loss. I have an outside wall light, could moisture have some how gotten in the box and is causing a short or moisture have gotten in the outlet box? It's strange because like I said there have been no recent changes to anything, would appreciate any suggestions on how I can fix this. Thanks!

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In my experience, outside GFI's tend to go bad over time due to moisture exposure. I suspect you just need a new one.

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Thanks for your responses. We did have a really hard rain the day before. I checked it again today after work & the reset button worked. I guess moisture had gotten in the outlet and just needed to dry out, if it keeps happening then I guess I better replace the outlet. Thanks.

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Replacing the outlet won't keep rain from getting in. You need a better cover for the outlet.

The GFCI is just doing its job.

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