Rotten window sill nose

blessedbeSeptember 8, 2010

I own a bungalow style home built in the 1940s. At some point in the recent past, the previous owner had the windows themselves replaced with great vinyl windows. They're air tight, sound proof, excellent windows. Unfortunately, they did not replace the wooden sills and trim. Now I'm finding that at least some of the sill noses are rotting, and possibly some of the sill underneath. I've decided I don't want to mess with removing the nose and checking for additional damage until I have the funds to get things fixed in case there are unforseen problems. That will probably equal next spring once Uncle Sam ransoms my money back to me. Is there anything I can do between now and then to reduce additional rotting from happening over the winter? Is it worth even messing with? Not all of the noses are rotting, but some of them definitely are. None of the sill itself is rotten that I can see, but there's no telling what's beneath the nose. The siding is aluminum, the windows are vinyl, but the entire window sill and components are wooden. Any thoughts?


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It's probably been that way for years. Unless you are leaking water inside your house, there is no urgency about doing anything right away.

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Thanks for your input! I walked around the house and did some additional investigating. I think that the entire sill is going to need to be replaced on some of the windows, so this will definitely be a "next year" project.

I am concerned about possible leaking inside the windows. I'm basing that on the fact that the bathroom window (yep, window inside the tub) has mold on the bottom of it (when you raise the window, the bottom metal it normally rests on). I had the shower redone last year to replace a leaky, horrible plastic shower surround. I was heartened that the studs did not need to be removed and only had slight water damage. I also found that there was no caulking on the outside of the house on the window lip where the metal meets the siding. My friends and I caulked up there, but to be honest I failed to remove the mold at that time.

I think since this is on hold right now I'm going to get some mold killing solution, spray down the window and see if the situation reappears over the winter. If it does, I'll know to expect possible bad surprises come spring!

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Good luck with it. But it really is not a difficult fix, just tedious.

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