replacement windows - Anderson Woodright or Simonton 5500

conshekSeptember 12, 2012

We replaced our front windows a couple years ago with Anderson Woodright windows (painted white inside). We need to get the back ones replaced and the contractor has recommended the Simonton 5500 windows for the back. He said they are just as good and will match the front Anderson ones. The Simonton windows are half the cost of the Woodright and we are currently renting the house out so it seems to make more sense just to do the Simonton.

Anyone have experience with these windows and how they compare to the Woodright? We don't think we will live in the house again so it will be a rental for a bit and then sold at some point.

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Well, other than the fact that the Andersens are cladded wood and the Simontons are all vinyl, I'm sure either would serve you well for it's intended purpose.

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The Home Depot's around here have the Simonton and Anderson windows on display. Take a look and decide for yourself. To me they would not match but alot of people probally would not know unless it was pointed out to them.

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Windows on Washington


Both are pretty solid windows and you should on the budget via the Simonton option.

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when he said match he was probably referring to window color and grid configuration. you can certainly install the simonton the the back part of your home. as long as its the 5500 and not the lower end model.
ask for double strength glass and meeting rail reinforcement as well as either super spacer or a true stainless spacer.

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