Fiberglass door questions

eleenaSeptember 21, 2012

We are replacing all patio doors, two facing the backyard and one hidden in the country-yard (or whatever it is called), so they are not visible.

I had been told by every "window guy" around here to go with fiberglass doors and that is what we had been planning on doing. However, a friend of mine told me a few days ago that her neighbor used to have them and did not like them b/c they got too hot to touch in summer.

Do they get hotter than other doors?

Also, almost everyone recommended Therma-tru. Is that OK for patio doors?

I do want them to look nice, not "cheap", but they are not very visible, so looks are less important than the quality. The current ones are all warped, rotten and drafty.


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I assume that you a looking at hinged doors as opposed to sliding? Thermatru makes a nice door. Fiberglass won't get any hotter than any other material.

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Yes, hinged.

So, if it were your doors, which would you install?

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I would recommend installing a Provia Fiberglass Door. They now have a smooth fiberglass that should be very close to Therma-Tru in price. Provia offers a lifetime warranty on warping as long as you aren't using a storm door.

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I'll look into it.

When I checked with them a few months ago, their doors were way too expensive for a patio door nobody ever sees.

I feel so lucky that we had to halt the remodel, LOL.

Thank you!

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Pricing is going to change dramatically based on several factors. Personally, I see a tremendous difference between PV and TT. I agree that the Provia is a better door, I just end up selling more Thermatru because of the price difference that I get. The other day I had a entry door with two sidelites and a half round transom that was literally $2500 difference... The way I look at it is that TT is a nice bang for the buck, while PV is a true, top end, premium door.

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In theory, fiberglass should be less conductive than steel because its thermal conductivity rate is less than 1/50th that of steel.

Before deciding on any door, I think you should look at a sample of the fit and finish of the panel.

Provia Signet is one of the nicest on the market for certain.

ThermaTru is not considered quite as nice as the Provia but usually comes at a lesser price point.

Once you see the panel finish and complete door, you can decide that that point what the premium, if any, is worth to you.

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Well stated WoW. I agree 100%.

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