How extensive does Cherry wood (Cabinet) darken ???

mcookJune 16, 2006

We plan to stain our cherry cabinet to burgundy/red mahagony color, & given the fact that cherry will darken in its color over time....

1. How dark will it get? Or does it bring out more redness instead of the 'darkness' (I guess I'm thinking of black or something)?

2. How long does it take for cherry to reach it's "max" color?

3. In my case, should I stain a little lighter than the color we desire?


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Cherry will become pretty dark brown/red. Don't know the time limit.

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Given enough time cherry will turn a copper red color. This will accelerate if the wood is exposed to direct sunlight. Depending on the stain that you use you might not be able to notice the darkening. I would recommend that you don't attempt to allow for darkening. Pick a color that you like today, and you probably will not notice a change in the future. I have included a link that shows unfinished cherry with a stain. I cannot discern any darkening on the piece after more than a year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cherry Finished/Unfinished

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I use a lot of "Cherry " wood in building furniture, I always use "Analine Dye" to color it with because I can shade it any shade I want,then seal it with Lacquer Sanding sealer,sandit down and put what ever finish I desire, Usually two cotes of clear lacquer

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"Given enough time cherry will turn a copper red color. "

It rarely gets anything nearly as dark as the STAIN in the link posted. No natural aged cherry was shown.
A sort of medium brown with definite reddish tones.
Most of the deep wine red cherry is from aniline dye.
The shade was popular a long time ago on many woods tha required pore fililng and was carried over to cherry.
The burgnudy/red color was often from the paste filler used on the pores to produce a smooth finish. Not really requried on cherry, but needed on other woods. It set a 'standard' for what color high end furniture should be and has been carried forward ever since.

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We just built our vanities with cherry and finished natural. First we used a sealer then two coats of catalized lacquer. When they were first installed I thought they looked awful but they change so fast you can almost see the difference from day to day and now at about 6 to 8 weeks they are now a nice red natural finish. I would not use any stain at all.

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Mark, which Old Master's color is that?

Anyone use the Deep Red gel stains from Old Master, specifically the Crimson Fire?

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Our natural cherry wood after 13 years in direct sunlight. We feel it's turned orange.

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