Help needed on windows

weta909September 9, 2011

I've quoted three companies, all gave prices on windows from different manufacturers. I went to each manufacturer's website and study the window, however it's still very hard to compare. Please help. Thanks.

All windows are double hung.




PRODIGY: $6525

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Are they all triple pane or just the Simonton? How many windows?

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Only Simonton is triple pane. 11 windows in total.

Got another quote on SOFTLITE PRO of $5200.

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Not familiar with Prodigy and Alside will get no love here, I would go with the Simontons.The Pro's do come with more and better standard features, if these features are important to you may want to go to the Pro's cause they will bring the price of the Simonton up a bit.It would cost around a grand to upgrade thre Pro's to there least expensive triple pane option. The Pro's will also have better air infiltration numbers.That being said I like the Pro better, but withe triple pane the Simonton comes out on top.I would suggest looking at these windows in person before buying.

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I am with Todd on this one. That is a pretty darn good price too.

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I'd go with the Simonton out of that grouping.

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Do all the windows have a similar warranty?

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Nearly all manufacturers offer lifetime warranties. The problem is that many times warranties are written by corporate lawyers to protect the manufacturer from paying any claims. Warranty Service people are often paid to find a reason not to pay a claim ie. normal wear and tear structural settling, improper installation, industry tolerances, delivery fees, processing fees, shipping and handling, labor fees etc.

Or they just wear the consumer down until they just give up.

The best warranty is proper research BEFORE you buy.

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Great advice right there Sky.

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