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brodyandkyrasmomSeptember 6, 2012

I need some quick feedback on Alpine Windows (Alside Window Company). We have a meeting with our contractor tomorrow. The head guy is coming back to fix the problems that the other guy left behind. I've since realized that the "other guy" wasn't very smart or truthful so I'm going back over everything he did. One of the things he changed was our windows. Ours were delayed and he said that he found some that were available now, and that they were "better windows for less money". If these are bad windows, I need to know before our meeting tomorrow! They are "A272 - 270 series - 2 panel - solid vinyl - double glazed".

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In my and most of the other "window people" on this forums opinion Alside windows are at the bottom of the food chain as far as quality in both construction and performance.

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Oh, that's just wonderful : ( How bad are they? Luckily, we don't live in a cold or wet area but we do get lots of wind. What kind of problems will we have?

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We would never sell an Alside Window because we care about our customers and we want them to continue to like us. Alside gets so much negative feedback that they create names like Alpine, Berkshire, Revere, Signature, Apex etc...etc... To hide the fact that they are the real manufacturer. Inconsistent quality and higher than average air leakage are common on Alside windows.

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