who was it that got that odd free lunch letter?

fiveinallSeptember 20, 2009

I can't remember who, but I remember reading on here that someone got an odd free lunch letter in the mail when they hadn't applied for it? I think it turned out that the BM had applied for benefits for child who lived with dad and SM?

I ask this because I just got a letter in my mail box yesterday, saying my SD was approved for free lunch, didn't mention our DD who is in same school system....well we didn't apply for free lunch! I always just toss the paper because we wouldn't qualify with how much DH makes! sooooo I am wondering if my situation might be the same as yours? I am going to call tomorrow morning but just was wondering what the details were with your situation?

this is the only thing I can think of unless it is a bix up with the school,but I just don't see how they would have SD's name, ID # etc..... we haven't heard from BM in 2 yrs...now I am thinking she may have applied for benefits somewhere and this is the result??

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I think it was Mom2emall.

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Yup it was I who received that letter.

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Hmmm...I got a simimarly strange letter regarding school lunch today from our very large school district. We didn't apply because we didn't think we qualified. We have also received letters from the school almost urging us to qualify.

They must need the state and federal money. I thought they would be glad that we didn't apply for benefits we didn't need but I don't think that's the deal.

Not sure what to do as it's clear the school and school district want us to apply for free or reduced price lunches. You would think they would want fewer applicants but that does not seem to be the case. Maybe it's tied to other state and federal monies?!

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fiveinall and mom2emall,

What is the deal with these letters? The one from the school district urged us to participate in the lunch program, if we checked the box not to apply in error, it was strange.

They must want people to participate. Any thoughts?

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Lots of times the forms are just made available at registration, laid out on a table. One might be surprised at how leary some families are to take and fill the forms out.

In the recent recession with so many families and many of them needing assistance for the first time ever, schools are being sure families both know about the program and are not 'afraid' to apply for it. One of the requirements of the program is that schools make the meals and information about the meals available to all students. If a family does not need or want the insistance, toss the letter away, or stick it away (one never knows what hardship may be lurking around the corner, times are tough)

Schools get federal funding for these meals.

I'd think the only time I'd be concerned about one of these letters appearing in my mailbox would be if I had not applied for assistance but got a letter stating my kids have been approved.

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we got to the bottom of our issue..DH called the school, and they said they had received notification from Social services that SD was automatically to recieve free lunch...at that point we were thoroughly convinced BM illegally had applie for benefits under SD's name....but dh went directly to SS office to see what was up, their first question was do you have an ex wife?????
But turns out that SS receives a student list every year to compare to those who receive benfits so they can automatically give those kids free lunch. Turns out the worker entered SD name and school ID number instead of the kid listed above her, so it was not BM at all....
we got it fixed, and the kid who needed the free lunch now gets it, and the took SD's name off of free lunch..
what drama lol we are just relieved at this point BM wasn't trying some sneaky stuff like some others BM have been doing!

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In our state if schools have enough children on free lunches, schools qualifty for Title 1. That means schools in a district get some extra money for this or that (not meals, other stuff like school supplies). I am not aware of schools encouraging parents to apply but I could see how it could hapen.
When DD was still in school she attended districts where no one was on free lunch, or maybe 1%, so i never got any information about it. At some point I struggled and I think she would qualify for free lunch but I was not even aware how it works.

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