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ernie85017, zn 9, phxSeptember 4, 2011

Did I learn that one quickly. Those sharp little cuts bleed a lot.

I have a bunch of fiestaware-type dishes (thick stoneware) in many colors. My method is not working at all. There are people on ebay and etsy who sell these dishes cut into tiles with what appear to be very controlled cuts.

How do they do this?

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How are you doing it? wheeled nippers? tile nippers? what isnt working for you? some people use a tile saw to cut their china, I have never done that. I also have found different types of china work differently. Thick heavy stoneware is not something I like to work with. I look for thinner china. And some, no matter how well you cut it, the glaze will chip and look rough. Wheeled nippers tend to work best for shaping pieces. I tend to work a lot with glass, and the worst cuts I get are from china.

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I use Lepponit wheeled nippers and get a controlled cut. I also like the thinner china. Some thick stoneware just isn't worth it. You learn the brand names after awhile and know which ones to stay away from. I have found that some thick hard stoneware makes my hand and wrist hurt like I'm in danger of carpal tunnel syndrome. Nipping china is harder on your tool than nipping stained glass and also cutting china with your tile saw wears the blade out a lot faster than glass. I use my tile saw only for special plates, ones that have a design I just can't live without. Also, someone on this board said that the proper way to hold your nippers is grip near the ends of the handles and that cuts down on fatigue and at the same time gives you more nipping power.

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ernie85017, zn 9, phx

I tried regular tile nippers but there was no control, lots of angled cuts, a break rather than edges straight up and down. How do I describe that? squared edges.
I ruined a pair of wheeled nippers cutting up some "regular" china. It did a great job, controlled cuts, but the wheels bent.
I tried a hammer and got a bit of shattering and sharp edges. I can't figure out how to place a cut where i want it on the thick material.
I'm learning, but I sure would hate to not be able to use those great colored plates.

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I recently bought three sets of beautiful colored four-place settings at Walmart. Tried using the wheeled nippers - not a chance. The stoneware is only useable w/my tile saw - not the ring saw. Stoneware is even hard to break w/the hammer. I don't mind a few chips - the grout covers most of them.

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I also just happened to think-when you are using tile nippers, place then on the edge of the piece to cut, no more than 1/4 inch or so. you are not so much cutting the plate as you are cracking it in a controlled fashion. wheeled nippers operte differently. there is also another tool, I call it a tile plier, dont know the correct name, I use it for plates. I use it to cut the plates into strips for neater tiles, see the link. you score the plate with the cutting wheel, then use the breaker side to run the score.

Here is a link that might be useful: plate cutting tool

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ernie85017, zn 9, phx

That looks good! I'll try that before investing in a tile saw.
Thanks everyone.

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Wow! I have one of those type of "pliers". I didn't realize how to use them. I'll have to ttry that.

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