Bonding water pipes if water service is PVC

DrGuitarApril 8, 2011

Does the copper water piping in the house have to be bonded if the water service entering the house is PVC? It changes to copper after a few inches above ground on my ground floor level.

If it needs to be bonded, I am wondering: Do I need to bond the copper service pipe back to the panel or join it to a grounding wire from the panel out to the ground rod electrode?

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A second question I have is, if the water pipes do need to be bonded or grounded, can I use green color insulated THHN wire instead of bare copper and what AWG do I need regardless? I Have a 200 amp service..

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Ron Natalie

Metal water piping needs to be bonded. Other metal piping likely to become energized needs to be bonded. It matters NOT even if it never leaves the building. The bonding guards against the piping becoming energized.

A metal underground water service pipe may be part of the grounding electrode system but that is a distinct requirement from the bonding one.

The bonding conductor can be insulated and is sized based not so much on the service size but the size of the service conductors. A 200A service fed by 2/O copper service conductors would require #4 copper bonding.

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