hall bathroom done

mermaidmosaicsSeptember 2, 2008

Here are several pix of our hall bathroom. I used glitter , colorfusion and organix recycled glass, all from Maryland Mosaics. The backspalsh is glow in the dark tile which looks awesome at night. That tile is quite pricey so I chose only to make a small backsplash that would catch most of the water spray when using the sink. So far , so good. If I can figure out how to take a pix at night, I would show you the glow in the dark.. It's unbelievable. oh, i also included a similar mirror and backsplash for our upstairs office bathroom. I didn't like the way that mirror turned out as much as the first one, but it is still interesting. Oops sorry if some of the thumbnails are dups, I just selected the option to show thumbnails for checked boxes, and this is what came up. when i tried to delete some it deleted them all, i give up for the night

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It looks great!!! I LOVE THE MIRROR!!!
Beautiful Job!!!!

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Oooh laa laa. Mermaid there is nothing not to like in your new BR.. I like the color choices you chose. Th backslash colors are pretty even tho we can't see em glow. Nice, Nice. Like the wall color too, what's the color name of it.?


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You must be a real mermaid the way you beautiful bathroom lloks,just like underwater sparkling in the sun.Beautiful job Mermaid!

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This is really cool, those tiles over the sink are so shiny, even when they don't glow. I've never seen glow in the dark tiles, and am curious how much they glow at night; I might have to buy some of those!

Very pretty mirrors, too; such gorgeous colors!


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Thanks gals. Kathy, the blue walls are called "Cay" by Sherwin WIlliams. That is also the color I painted my mosaic room, which I decided to call "Mermaid Cottage"

Oh, by the way, the glow in the dark really GLOW awesome, not sure how long, but as soon as it gets dark, they shine, and not sure how long it they stay that way, some chemical process that I don't understand. LOL
I am trying to put a little piece of it in most of my mosaics. For a surprise effect,.

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Oh, Mermaid, I hope you know from my former posts how much I've enjoyed your photos. I admire you for taking on even a backsplash which is so permanent. (I think I'll do things I can display or not for a looong time!) LOL I love the idea of tiles that glow in the dark. What a delightful thing. Each of your projects shows a some light and glitter. I like that. How fun, and it tells us alot about YOU!

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Beautiful job on the mosaics and the Whole bathroom colors!!! LOVELY!!!

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Pretty, pretty bathroom! LOVE the backsplash and how cool that it glows in the dark! Your mirror and switchplate are both very nice, also. You are really turning in to a msaicing maniac. Good for you!!

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Beautiful!! Love the colors on walls, tiles & lovely mirrors. I think it's great your family will get to enjoy some of your work. So often artists give it way or sell it. You should get to enjoy it too. I don't think I have a talent for this (can't draw a straight line without the ruler moving) but I bought some little tiles at HD today to see if I can do a pot or at least edge a stepping stone!! I sure love the look or all the great work I see on this forum.

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BEAUTIFUL - congratulations on being brave. You're a new mosaicist, and I so admire your stepping out and being brave enough to do as SUNNY says - make something permanent for your family. Like she says, I give lots of mine away, and sold some - many of which I wish I'd kept. Good job, girlie.

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Thanks gals, i just got back from a wedding out of town so I missed a few days of post. I think I got puter withdrawl. LOL.

I had these bathroom ideas perculating in my head and decided just to go for it.
I see a lot of issues myself, but overall I am happy with it. And the glow in the dark aspect, is really really cool.

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Wow you have done a great job.

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great colors, very eye catching , nice job.

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Daisy and Slow, I don't know if you would think I was being brave when i tell you how I did the backsplash. Because the sink was put in when the house was built in the early 70's and they did a very sloppy job, I was positive I wouldn't be able to get the backsplash centered.

so i cheated a bit. I thin-setted the tiles onto an acrylic piece I had bought earlier that fit the length of the sink! Then I thin-setted the whole piece to the wall and put thin ceramic tile around the top edge. I figured if I really screwed up, it would cause less damage that way. then I grouted around the new ceramic tile to make it fit in. I wish I could have afforded to do the whole wall in that glow in the dark, this this solves my main issue of the wall getting splashed all of the time...
Calamity, Cindi, Nana, LA, Sunny, thanks all, for the kind words. I wish now I had added tile to the side of my first mirror, but I'm moving onward, trying new things, so this will just have to stay as is for the time being.

I gotta figure out how to take a pix to show you the glow at night,. It freaks people out the first time they see it. LOL

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