applying poly over uneven sanding of oak floors

debndulcyJune 2, 2011


I've just rented a sander and used 100 grit, to 'clean up' my oak hardwood floors, and an 80 grit in my hand sander for deeper scratches. The 75 yr old floors had been totally re-done about 10 years ago for the first time, but we've had a lot of projects/moving stuff around, and besides scratches (and some minor gouges), the poly was worn away in high traffic areas.

Worked to get it as consistent as I could - but in the end it's not - some bare wood in some spots, and looking closely, perhaps less old clear poly finish (no stain) in others.

Aside from additional sanding, is there a way or product that help insure a consistent finish in the end? Perhaps a sealer or conditioner? I'm assuming just putting the clear satin poly on as I've planned will show differences in depth of 'color' of the finish - and could even make it look worse.

Help..! Any advice/info would be MUCH appreciated.

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"Aside from additional sanding, is there a way or product that help insure a consistent finish in the end?"
For a decent looking finish, you should sand the entire floor with increasingly fine sandpaper, ending with at least 120 grit, before applying the new finish.

Here is a link that might be useful: Refinishing School

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