Painting an Old Pine Table

chedanemiJune 13, 2007

I have an old pine dining room table which is stained very dark that I'd like to paint white. The top has nicks and marks on it too... it's been well-used! How do I prep it and paint it?

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I'll let others with more experience answer the painting question in more detail (generally, I think you will want to lightly sand, prime, and paint--maybe spray paint to reduce the possibility of brush marks).

Are you trying to preserve the nicks to give it a distressed look or to eliminate them?

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First, I'd try to determine what finish is on there now. That will determine what you should go over top of it with.

The next step is a thorough cleaning. A good cleaning is worth a coat of finish and will help avoid adhesion issues.

When I'm going over top of lacquer, I like to spray pigmented lacquer, as it chemically bonds (burns in) to the lower coats.

If you are not using lacquer, after the cleaning, do a scuff sanding. If you don't know the existing finish, a shellac-based primer (e.g., Zinsser's BIN) is a good transition coat. If I'm going to use "paint," I prefer oil-based paint as I think it flows out better, dries harder, doesn't block and is more durable.

If you have the ability to spray, see here

Here is a link that might be useful: How to determine the exiting finish

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Oh, Pine. I always tell people if they have pine furniture, they are going to get nicks and dents. Live with it, because you can't avoid it.

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Sand lightly, fill any holes with wood filler, resand, prime with Zinsser Bullseye 123 primer and paint with and how ever you want.

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Thank you for the info! I know with pine there will always be nicks and such; I just want to cover up the worst of them and get a nicer, brighter finish on the table.

Again, thanks!

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