Upper sash on 20 year old windows falling

scifooSeptember 25, 2013

I recently bought a new house and our inspector found our double hung windows needed some adjustments/repairs. A bunch of the windows in the house have falling upper sashes. When the window is closed/locked, the upper sash will actually not seal all the way to the top of the jam. You can use your hand and lift the locked upper sash into place. in a few cases light can be seen through the gap. These windows do not fold out for cleaning. I can see some springs in the jams, but I am pretty sure they are for the lower sash. I have attached a picture of the lock section as they seem to be original. if you need a better pic for identification I can upload another. I would love to know who made these windows...and how to fix the problem.

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I do know that our sliding glass door is a pella door installed at the same time these windows were.

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Looks like you need new windows, you will not get an air tight/ energy efficient window by only making repairs. I can understand preserving a window that is over 100 years old and it has historical significance, but other than that, you need a replacement.

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A few more pictures would be helpful. If the windows are Pella like the door there might be a service tech that could come out and look at them for repairs if possible. If they fall that means the sash balance needs to be replaced, as far as the gap more pictures would help in understanding the problem.

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If the door is Pella, chances are very good that windows are as well.

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Ill take more pics tonight and post em...thanks guys

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wide shot of the window for Identification

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here is another close up of the drop

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I found the balancers..just not sure how to get at em. These are the springs for the upper sash closeup.,I forgot to get a pic of the gap..but it is uniform across the top..like the springs are toast.

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