recyling old wood boards

Lauren DevonshireJune 11, 2007

We have to clean up the site of the old 'garage' on our property. We are recyling the old wood boards when possible. However, after we clean them up - we'ld like to know what kind of wood they are. Is there a way to tell without having to take them to a place like Lowe's? They need a good washing and then a light sanding. Looks like there may be enough to make a tv cabinet with doors.

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I'd be amazed if anyone at any home improvement store had even an inkling as to what variety of wood they were.

There are several woodworking websites that you could post a picture with the explanation and get opinions. are two of the larger ones with free registration and experienced members.

There is also This is a private website that is accessable to anyone for free that has pictures of hundreds of different kinds of woods.

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Lauren Devonshire

Hey thanks, handymac.They sound helpful. Will be very happy to spend time on them. This wood has possibily.
Haha, I was just out back checking on things where the 'garage' was and the old mulberry tree just split and part fell over the the site. So now we have more wood. A real mess. I was going to work out there under the tree.

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Post some pictures on I'm sure you'll get a swift reply.

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Lauren Devonshire

Ok,stoneaxe, it looks good. I have to wash each board to show the grain and whatever. They may not be all the same.Don't know how old the building was. Doesn't appear to have been very big from the amount of debris left behind.

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