Replacements yard sale

tigerwiggySeptember 18, 2008

Replacements Ltd is having a giant yard sale this weekend. They have over 100,000 pieces. You pay $5 to shop, which goes to charity. You buy a box for $5 and fill it up, no limit on the number of boxes. DH is going to bring me home a dolly from work. If you are looking for some particular dishes to break or a particular china pattern to finish off your set e-mail me the pattern and I'll make a list of things to look for. The boxes are about copy paper size. I figure I can get a lot of plates in a box that size if I stack them on the side instead of laying them flat. Items supposedly have imperfections, but if you are going to break them anyway doesn't really matter.

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Tigerwiggy, that is really generous of you. Hmm...let me think about it, our most of thse cracked etc?? so would be good for mosaics but not to use??

When you going?? I'll get back to you later in day..Thanks

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I don't know what they have until I get there. They may have some cracked stuff, but most of it will be good stuff, may have a blemish or something, which may be a problem if fine china, but wouldn't be an issue if you were going to break the stuff anyway. I'm going Saturday morning.

They will have crystal, flatware, and collectibles in addition to china and stoneware. They've shown pictures on the local news of them already setting stuff up and it covers several acres.

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My favorite plate is Metropolitan by Vitromaster. I would LOVE to have some more of it.

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Oh how lucky you are to be able to attend, I'll bet you come home with a ton of stuff for us to drool over!!!!

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Cool Silva, I LOVE that pattern. Hope tiger can find some for you.

I guess I'll have to pass UNLESS you find any Mikasa Mariposa pattern, made in the 70's and no longer available but they have it there. White china with beautiful multicolored butterfly's.. course don't have a pix cuz it's all packed up and I'm too lazy. don't worry..

Other than that, wish I could go with you, cuz I am sure I could find all kinds of cool stuff to break!!! HAVE FUN!!!

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flagtruck really picked some pretty stuff. Wish I had been there, this looks like you had a fun time. I would have had to make a bunch or trips, I wouldn't have known when to stop. Great did good.

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