Anyone ever see Farrow & Ball shift hue after curing?

amysrqAugust 12, 2012

I finally got around to ordering the second gallon of Farrow & Ball Cooking Apple Green to finish my office this past week. First three walls were done a couple months ago.

What went up on the walls this weekend does not match the first color, nor does it match the chip I have. Bizarre! F&B claims they have super-duper quality control and that every can that goes out is a perfect color match. I painted corner-to-corner, so even if it were close I'd be okay. This is not close!!

Just wondering if this will "cure down" to the right color. I tend to doubt it.... :(

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Yes. the color will cure and change over the next two to three weeks. However, that doesn't necessarily mean it will match.

Farrow and Ball makes their colors in batches. Each can has a batch number and if you buy separate cans from the same batch, the match is guaranteed to be exact. If you don't buy from the same batch, there's no guarantee. So no, not every can is a perfect color match. Only those within the same batch number. Similar system to tile, and wallpaper, and other things.

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Thanks Pirula,

I realize there is no guarantee with different batches. My hunch is this is *another color* rather than a not-quite-matching situation. Just got off the phone with Canada and they are going to pull a can from this batch to see what's up. What came out of my can is closer to VdeT than CAG!!

Tell me more about what you've seen WRT curing and color shift. Lighter, darker? Nice to see you're still around, btw. Appreciate your showing up when I need a hand...

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just wanted to say "hi" and I hope this gets resolved for you!

Obviously no experience with F&B colors here...lucky to find 1 BM dealer in the area! lol

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Hey Bee! Nice to "see" you. How's the new house?

F&B is sending me a FedEx will-call tag so I can ship the paint back to them. I have to say the customer service experience has been superb. There hasn't been a moment where my situation or my eyes have been questioned. Really nice!

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oh my. that is a big difference.

I'm glad they're working with you to fix the problem. What a drag that you have to repaint the wall though.

What i've noticed during curing is more nuance. I can't really explain it other than the olive in the Farrow's Cream became less pronounced. The blue in the Downpipe became more pronounced, etc...... In one case, three of my dining room chairs went from steel gray (Stony Ground) to putty white (thank God). I was hoping it was just a nuance or shade thing and that that wall would dry close enough to the other Cooking Apple Green. sheesh.

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