replace front door, or steps first?

matt1222June 18, 2011

I am replacing my front door, frame/threshold, all door trim, siding, windows, new house wrap etc. I am also putting in new front steps, probably granite blocks. I am trying to figure out if I should do the steps first or after everything else? Should I put the steps in and then flash onto the new steps?

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Normally, you'd make the rough opening, sheath it, housewrap, make the copper (flashing) pan and skirt, then set the stoop, and set the door (which first doesn't matter) then place the door trim, then do the siding. You want the stone in before the trim and siding, IMO, so you can leave the proper splash space, which ideally is exposed copper, so it ages dark and fades into obscurity. You never want wood siding within 2" of the stone, or any horizontal surface.

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