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paulabradySeptember 6, 2010

Hi everyone - I was just getting ready to order my Pella patio slider and a kitchen window. After seeing the reviews on this forum - I'm not so sure I want to go with Pella. My mom just had Pellas installed and they do appear to be just great in function and design, and I like the built in blinds. We do have a Marvin dealership in town and I will call him for a comparison quote. I have done some searching on these forums and online and I don't see any other companies that offer blinds built inside the window. Do you know if this is just a Pella thing? TIA

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Most brands you would need to order a new sash as the glass is sealed in the unit. This spammer is not the reason to stay away from blinds between the glass, the real reason to stay away is Pella is a marginal window at best in my opinion.

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In most Pella between-the-glass doors and windows, the interior glass pane is removable or hinged so the blinds can be accessed for repair or replacement without affecting the glass unit.

The older units were operated by a cord that extended into the interior, and was always being caught in the door. The new ones are operated by integrated slides, and are much better.

I think some Pella entry doors and vinyl windows have sealed in blinds, but these are not actually made by Pella.

I join many other professionals on this forum in questioning whether Pella windows and doors are actually so much better than other options that they are worth Pella's prices. But sealed-in, inaccessible blinds is not a Pella problem. Anyone who thinks it is is not familiar with the products.

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Thanks everyone for the input. I'll continue looking at other brands...

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Pella, so-so quality. The interior blinds will break eventually. Remember, they're in the sun ALL THE TIME.

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I understand some feel Pella is overpriced for what you get. Maybe that's true, but I just want to respond to the inside blind comment. I've had 2 of these since 2005 and the blinds work fine.

My guess is Pella owns a patent which will eventually expire, and then you'll be able to buy Anderson or whatever with this feature.

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There are several products that offer blinds in the glass. Obviously there are no patent issues... There are pros and cons to the option overall.

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