is this walnut or what?

Fori is not pleasedJune 14, 2012

Howdy. It's time to start redoing my kitchen and I don't want to pull the woodwork out of the house to match. I have a cabinet that is marked "walnut" and I'm wondering if that is the stain color or the actual veneer species. It looks good with my amber 1950s mahogany casework. I know this isn't fine furniture, but it's actually not bad, for a stereo (mono?) cabinet:

Any idea on what this is or what would be a similar look? I want something that looks nice with this grubby stuff:

Thanks much!

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The first picture does not look like walnut to me.

Although i can say for certain the bottom picture is Mahogany.

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Yes to the walnut (veneer) yes to the (Philippine) mahogany.

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Walnut; Mahogany.

Walnut lightens over time, finishes amber over time. That is what we are seeing.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks guys. Any suggestions on achieving a similar tone on new cabinets without waiting for 50 years of ambering and/or lightening? Can walnut be stained to be a touch amber without looking bad? (I can live with the dark parts) or should I be looking for a different wood? Does modern mahogany make a decent cabinet door?

It's not exactly a trendy look right now so you don't see it in cabinetmaker catalogs. :) Thanks again!

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Take a look at butternut, sometimes called "white walnut" It starts out much lighter and you can push the color darker with dyes or pigments. You can't go lighter without bleaching. Butternut has a grain structure similar to walnut, being a related species.

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Fori is not pleased

I'll add that to my list of species to investigate. Thank you Bob's nephew! :)

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