Running Phone Line In Garage

jaysgardenApril 22, 2011

Want to install a wall mount phone in attached garage and wanted suggestions on running the phone wire. See attached photo. I want to put the wall mount phone to the right of the pegboard on the wall near the door.

My thought is to drill through the rim joists from basement to get into garage, push 1/2 EMT thru hole, use a 90 pull elbow with a stub of 1/2 EMT up to a handy box on the wall. Then attach the wall mount phone jack to the handy box. Does this sound like an OK way?


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Ron Natalie

It would be OK, but may not be necessary. Phone wire is rarely run into conduits. The bigger issue would be not compromising the fire rating (and CO blocking) of what I presume is a common wall with the living space. If you told the phone company you wanted it they'd likely just poke it out of the wall and run it on the surface. Where is the network interface located?

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On the other side of that wall is a living space(family room). After drilling thru the rim joists from the basement I would enter the garage just below the level of the blue storage tote on the floor because to the right of the refrigerator(hard to see) are hot and cold water spigots protruding from the rim joists in the basement.

Good point on the CO blocking but any voids I would fill.

The network interface is on the outside of the home about 25 feet south and 35 feet east of where I want the wall mount.

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There are some special cases that phone line is run in conduit, but a residential application is not one.

Just drill a hole and pull the wire.

You may be able to use as small as a 1/4 inch hole (I have some 1/4 inch brad point bits that are 12 inches long).

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Maybe I'll just pull the phone wire behind the it a little protection.... and attach the wall mount to the pegboard.

Thanks for the posts

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How about a cordless phone?

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How would you run the wire on one of them there type of phones weed.

Ok in all seriousness I would look into a new phone set that has multiple phones and charging stations 2+ and then you could just plug in the charger for the garage phone and leave the phone in there. I have the same setup but have the second phone and charging station in the basement.

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"...pull the phone wire behind the pegboard...and attach the wall mount to the pegboard..."

Now you are thinking like a typical telephone installer.

Go for it.

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"How would you run the wire on one of them there type of phones weed. "

You plug the base station into a pohone jack in te house.

Just bring the handset with you.

It is wireless.

Depending on how nice a set you purchase you can even get remote charging stations for multiple handsets.

Mine has a main base (the actual unit connected to the phone line) and two other remotes that just sit on charger bases.

That is three cordless phones on the single line.

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I'm already maxed out on my cordless handset locations and if I try to remove one from one of the kid's room there may be a mutiny.

Its an expandable system but buying another handset/charger base costs $19.99 from AT&T plus almost $9 to ship.

I already have two unused wall/desk phones and phone wire so I do not need to spend any money on that end... just the mount...$2.79 at home depot.

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