What to do with outlet in middle of kitchen soffit

diytryingApril 1, 2014

Trying to update my 70s house somewhat. Like many houses then, I have an recessed outlet in the middle of my soffit where you could plug in a big ole clock. Disconnecting it doesn't work because it disconnects the wanted light over my sink. I've had it disguised in the past with wallpaper but really want the soffit just painted. Are my only choices to hire an electrician or embrace it by trying to find a Felix The Cat clock?

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Ron Natalie

Easy solution. Remove the receptacle and put a blank plate over the box. Feel free to paint over the blank plate.

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Or......just hang a battery clock over it. If Felix is your choice that's cool.

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Thanks for your quick responses. I should twist and wire nut like color wires together in the box so the circuit will not be broken. Correct? I thought I tried that but maybe I had a loose connection because the light wouldn't work. Will try again.

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Tell us what wires are in the box.

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Get a nice retro electric kitchen wall clock. Those cat clocks are a caricature of the era. GE made ton of nice clocks in circular and rectangular shapes. The added benefit is no batteries to buy, change or waste.

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Unfortunately plug-in clocks have become relatively expensive because of economies of scale. I like to have at least one in the house to know how long the power was out.

A few years ago, I knew the hour when the rising flood water shorted out my electrical system before it continued up to about 7' in depth. There was some useful data collected in that way across the region.

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