Estate Sale SCORE!!!

cathyscacheSeptember 20, 2009

I made a great score @ an Estate sale yesterday. I got a box of large glass, a box of smaller glass (large scrap pieces) both in many colors, a box of misc ceramic tiles, a box w/soldering iron, hammer, 3 pairs of pliers, flux and many other misc goodies. And I got a Glastar grinder!! It was purchased in 1983 still in original box and barely used as it still looks brand spanking new!!! I scored big time and it only cost me $40.00!!!!!! I left w/a smile on my face!!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Estate sale SCORE

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Oh I forgot to add I also in my pile got 2 books by Jody Miller (their older but great patterns) and about 150 copied patterns from I don't know where???...I'm like a little kid @ Christmas...I just love gettting good bargains

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Wow Cathy, you really did score at that garage sale! A grinder, how cool is that and all that glass. Way to go!

Donna in Florida

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Wooohooooo. Bot I would love to have gotten that grinder. Way to go.


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WOW!!! What an Excellent score!!!!! I'm doing the Happy Dance with Ya!!! I'd be so tickled!!! Don'tcha just love other people junk!!!lol! I love garage sales/yard/estate/plant sales!!! I am always looking on our local "used" websites too, Klinger and I have found stained glass and millifiore that way!!!

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