Wet tile saw help please

daisymeSeptember 16, 2008

I bought a wet saw recently and am attempting my first usuable squares. Can anyone tell me how to cut the different size plates (let's assume it's a solid color) to maximize squares? Also, when do you cut off the footers?

Maybe someone has a tutorial in their files to help me?

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'morning, DAISY: I offer what I do - someone else may have a better system. I go in w/the saw sometimes TOO the footer, w/cuts about one to one/half inch tiles. If the design inside the footer is nice, you can grind off the footer or leave it on to place on a subject as a focal. If you want the footer off the piece, draw a circle w/permanent marker around the inside focal, and go past the footer w/your saw to that drawn circle. You can sometimes break off your tiles by hand or a gentle tap w/a hammer, but if not, take your nipper to it. Then if you've gone past the footer, take your nipper to your new sawn tiles, and nip off the footers. You can also nip your tiles in half. Depends on the plate design. You can use the blade of the saw to grind off the rough edges of the focal, or w/your nipper. As you get more practice, you'll be a pro in no time.

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Daisy, thanks so much for bringing this up. I have been thinking of getting a wet saw .. What kind did you get?? What kind do you have Slow??

Slow, as always, you are a true jewel!! We are so blessed to have you hear on the glass forum. Gee, if I had ONLY known you for the 20+ years we lived in Texas, and many years we traveled to dog shows in Texarkana..

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Thanks so much, Slow. I did essentially that yesterday but didn't think to knock the pieces off with a tap of a hammer, so lost a piece by sawing through it to get to the end to cut it off.

Mermaid, I bought a $60.00 saw through Harbor Freight. Flag recommended HF to me, and the price was right. The saw is lightweight and easy to use. I'm having alot of trouble with chipping, but I don't know if it's the plates or the saw. I'm going to get a really good new blade (it's actually a wheel) and see if that helps. HF offered to replace the whole thing for me, but I haven't gone back to them yet, as I'm not sure it's the saw's fault. Good luck! Let us know what you buy and how it works for you. Have fun!

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Glad you're working, DAISY, and had figured it out for yourself. It's not hard at all. MER - How kind of you for those sweet words. I'm sorry we didn't connect here too. I've only been here six yrs. BAMA lived near enough to visit too, until recently. FLAG is just a 20-min. drive from me, but we don't get together often cuz we're both busy playin' too much. Re what saws I have - a 7-inch Qep from Lowes, the $150 7-inch from Harbor Freight, and the Taurus Ring Saw, which I seldom use.

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