Marvins v.Jeld Wyn v Weather Shield

suebob1September 8, 2009

My main concern is performance and rot. I have these great wooden windows circa 1946 and they were in great shape but have to be replaced due to fire. I had the 1980s storms on them as well. I have had no problems and don't want to start now.

They were not very sound proof. The upstairs windows were replaced with wood in 1986 and they performed well but look rough because tenants did not use the storms. The exterior on those has not held up at all even with the storms. The fire has caused these performing windows upstairs to fail as well.

I want a performance window and would do vinyl upstairs if they will perform better and wood down. The look of the home is very important to me so that is what keeps pushing me back to wood but I am concerned about the way they are constructed and the wood and the finish etc is currently an inferior product.

What has been recommended so far:

Jeld Wen Siteline Clad DH Sashpack One set of four has 7/8 Bead SDL low e What is a shadow bar?

and Siteline EX Clad Casement low e, preserve film,argon, glass thick=0.6995 4 9/16 jamb, 4/4 Thick DP 35

sunroom Builders Clad Casement pine interior, White exterior, nail fin 4 9/16 jamb DP 35, Insulate Low e Annealed Glass, argon,

Marvin: Double Hung tilt pack

Low e with argon standard bevel Sash lock pine interior (I have since requested fir)Clad exterior &

2 Mark Unit C CM-RH and LH 1G 1 LITE, low e w/argon, nailing finn a 9/16" jamb pine interior clad exteror

7/8" SDL std cut 3wide and 2 high clad ext BA pine interior

standard bevel

It looks like they used the tilt packs throughout with casement and I see a C UDH not sure what that is.

Also notice the wood ULtrex series CA RH IG-1 LITE LoE-366 w/argon AF HDWE Pine interiro and Stone Whit Exteriorfor the sunroom.

The Weather shield rep said all casements upstairs and wood replacement downstairs. Aluminum clad.

He sells Atrium too and ours come from the factory in Dallas. Would this be an option and what do I have to do to keep them from looking vinyl?

Are there questions you would ask the Marvin guy or Weather Shield guy? Meeting with both in the next day or so.

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WUDH means a full Dbl Hung unit with frame. Personally and i do not sell Marvin any longer but i would ask the weathershield guy why he bothered to show up. I would stay away fromn Weathershield like the plague(do a search on here for Weathershield) and I also have no use for the Jeldwen Lines other people will come on here and say the like thier Jeldwens but and this is my opinion only i would not use them. Neither company as far as i am concerned builds a quality tilt pac let alone new construction unit.

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Thank you. why did you quit selling Marvins? the Weather Shield guy was recommended by my contractor. This guy is an "old" window guy and just happens to be selling Weather Shield.

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I moved to another company and Marvin is not one of the brands we sell here. We do mostly all high end custom wood and aluminum curtain wall, storefront etc on high end buildings.I had sold Weathershield some years ago and many people i know that purchased them are not happy with them for one reason or another, mainly durability and service. The were all sold on Long Island which can have very harsh weather conditions, so they do get beatin up pretty good which i feel is a good test.

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Afsa: What do you think about the Marvin tilt pack and do you remember how many price drops there are for Marvins?
What is your favorite wood window now?

I am going to look at Weather Shields installs today.

Have you or anyone seen the new Weathershield product vinyl exterior wood interior. All the Weather shield folks seem to have problems with drafts. Are people still experiencing this?

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As far as Tilt Pacs, Marvin makes the best i have scene. They will be pricey but you need to remember that it is a retro fit and a custom product and you will be touching nothing else in the home other than applying a new jamb liner and sash.I work for a company now that sells LePage windows and while i think they are really a great product at a excellent price point i do not come on here pushing them as i mainly try and just give advice from my own experience as asked. I am not as versed as oberon on the performance data of windows or glass but my knowledge comes more from practical experience of selling the product and listening to peoples positives and negatives on product and having dealt with the window manufacturers distributors and or service departments directly. That's my story and i am sticking to it.

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Good Morning,

I am currently exploring Sash replacement kits for my home but I have been trying to find some recent opinions on them. I was wondering if you decided to go with a tilt-Pac. If so how do you like it and which brand did u choose.


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Take a look!
Energy stars rating for the tax credit is U v.030 and SHGC v .030.

Fiberglass at Weathershield.

Tilt packs.

Recommended glass: 366= Zoe-e shield w/easy care exterior at N/c

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unbelievable, a fountain of misinformation. In one post your spaming fiberglass windows in a post about Tilt or Sash Pacs and the next your slamming fiberglass windows. Make up your mind will you!

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