Wood Screen for odd size opening

jgmc101September 25, 2010

I have a balcony with sections, I was able to make 3 screens for 3 of the 5 opening from the aluminum screens from Home Depot. But now there are two odd size openings that I can't use the aluminum because I can not find angle pieces for the corners. So I figured I would have to make them out of wood. 2 out of the 5 angles aren't squared.

My question is: How do I get the angles cut right if I use wood? Or is there a corner bracket I can use with the aluminum? Or any other suggestions?

Oh and I can not use the Porch Screening System because the roof is soo steep and the balcony is soo high. Just darn right dangerous for me.

See link, it is the farthest window on the right.


Just in case you're wondering why? 2 reasons, I have a cat I don't want to go on the roof.

d I need more windows in that room and would like to keep the door open without bugs flying in.

Thanks ahead of time.

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I would avoid the box stores and go directly to a local screen manufacturer (check your Yellow Pages). A template would have to be made of the opening probably but before going to that trouble, show them the picture to make sure they can do it. Not much help but a start.

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