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wishdishSeptember 18, 2012

Sorry this is so long...I know much has been said about pricing. I have my first craft show coming up this Sat and I feel good about the prices I have set on my items. UNTIL I come to a birdbath I just finished today. If I take materials x 3, then my time is worth a mere pittance. It took me 28 hours to complete. I don't think I work slowly, but you know how painstaking mosaicing can be! I'm actually trying to make a business out of this love of mosaic and while this item is probably outside the scope of the show, I'm taking it anyway, so people can see what I do, in addition to the other offerings (smaller items). There are so many websites warning that people who sell handmade items, sell their items too low. I don't want to do that. I know I sound like I'm whining. Just trying to figure out what to do and bouncing it off y'all. I want to start off right and if I price low (even if it seems expensive), then I may be kicking myself later. I guess I can just throw out the price I want and see what happens. I don't mind people saying "whew, that's high", because they don't understand all that goes into a mosaic piece, but I just don't want them laughing at me! I'm posting a picture. It's not a good one, was late in the day. Can't figure out how to post more than one. Would like to post the bowl, but am too tired to figure out how to do it!!

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I chose to upload a picture on the original post, but it didn't show up. hopefully it does this time.

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Sorry, I can't give you any help on pricing, but I wanted to say your project is lovely! Best of luck at the show this weekend.

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This is one of my most favorite color combinations. I can't help you with pricing cause it's one of the hardest things to do. Lately it seems that every time I quote someone a price, then I don't hear anything further from them. If I want to sell something, I have to first establish what I consider a fair price, and then cut it in half! I don't see how that formula, materials x 3, can work for you at all on this birdbath. Perhaps you can also search the internet and see what others would charge and that would help you decide. The birdbaths I see for sale at local plant nurseries are pricey, and they aren't embellished at all, just popped out of a mold. Also, a mosaic birdbath is art - garden art - and there's the issue of the work you have to do, just carrying it around, dealing with the size and weight. Don't sell it too low!

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Loribee, Thanks, I've actually seen your shop. Love your mosaics. For this show, I do have a variety of items. My crosses are my main item and they are priced lower than I'd like, but not much. I put my Etsy shop on vacation while I do this show. Etsy prices for the crosses will be a few dollars higher than the show. I have items ranging from $4 magnets to $15 ornaments, pendants for low 20's, small crosses in the mid-30's, some larger ones are higher, stepping stones, 45, Mirrors 65 & 75, and are you ready? I put a price on the birdbath of $435. Yep, I did. I think it's fair. I also put a sign on the birdbath that says Custom Birdbaths from $175. That way people know they can get a pretty birdbath for less, but it won't look like this one. With the bb, I mainly want exposure for custom orders. I'm not going to sell them on Etsy, but would rather market them locally. I also wanted to show the range of items I make. I appreciate "chatting" with you about pricing.

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It sounds to me like you've got a great variety in price ranges to fit anyone's budget. And good for you on pricing your birdbath! I don't think that's excessive and like you said, you're letting people know you can do them cheaper. That's a great idea!

Good luck on your show. I'd love to hear how it turns out. I'd also looooove to see a picture of your booth. That's one of the things I'm trying to figure is how I'd display everything if I did a show. I don't have nearly enough inventory for one right now, but maybe next summer.

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This is my first time to this forum, and I have to say that there are some really special things here. This birdbath though is STUNNING. I don't think that you should even stress at the $435 price tag...if someone wants it, then they will pay that price. It's certainly worth it in my book, even though it's out of my price range. I view your work here as ART, and art demands a premium above time and materials. Be proud when you ask for your price, and don't budge too much!

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Thank you so much for your comments and compliments, everyone! Loribee, I do plan to post a pic of my booth, when I manage to get the phone pics onto the computer! The show was fun. I sold enough to cover my cost and then a little above. Didn't make a killing, but neither did anyone around me. Experienced show people around me said sales were "okay, not great". So I'm happy with how it went. I'm looking forward to doing some more. And I still have the birdbath. I was pretty sure I wouldn't sell it there. I did take off the price and instead, put a little card on top that said "Custom Birdbaths from 175". That way people could ask the price of that one if they wanted, but I made it known that birdbaths can range in price. A couple people asked the price and they didn't faint! Next I have to figure out how to market higher priced stuff. So much to think about, but fun!

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Your Bird Bath is Gorgeous. I used some of the same purple turquoise gold/yellow plate edges in a project I did years ago. Love that edge and wish I had more plates with it.

Pricing is so hard. I just hate making 10 cents an hour. Even if it is doing some thing I love. I quit doing shows years ago and now just do my mosaics all for me. So I work part time to buy the glass and stash of things I need=want and spend many relaxing hours playing at my mosaics. For me this is more enjoyable.

I am in aw............ at those that can keep doing shows. It is a whole lot of work. And some stress pressing to get enough stock built up to have a nice presentation. So glad your show went well. Your work is lovely.

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WISH, so glad the show ended up being worthwhile for you. I really appreciate your sharing your experience with us. I was getting discouraged with my Etsy shop. My sales have only been to friends so far. I put a couple things on sale, lowered prices on a few others. Then out of the blue got my first "stranger" sale, and she ordered 4 of my mushrooms all at once! If I can do at least decent on Etsy, I'll probably forego shows--only because being a people person can be tiring for me, LOL Great to learn from your experience, and can't wait to see pics of your booth!

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Hi, your work is wonderful. I sold some petitie birdbaths for $75 at a show. But mine werent as ornate. I just cut some plates and mixed with stained glass and just covered the part where the water goes. They went like crazy. probably because it was too low. When I display at shows I have a mini wrought iron bench that i place in the middle. on the ends i have milk crates covered by a table cloth. the main table is covered by shiny purple table cloth. the milk crates are covered by the same material and bunched around it. it is good to have some elevation. then i put my turtles on top of the bench and on the milk crates. and some scattered around. i wrap some faux vines around the bench. so many people want to buy the bench. which makes me think perhaps i should forgo the mosaics and sell the wire benches instead! i took a year off from shows last year. some are super and some are not. I need to figure out some lower price point pieces because it seems that people dont even want to spend $55.

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