Bad stain job on soft maple cabinets

brenjunJune 10, 2011

We just had custom cabinets made and installed and the stain job is terrible. Looks like two pieces of wood used for a door and each took the stain completely differently. Plus they are blotchy. PLEASE ADVISED

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unless a preconditioner was applied as the first step before stain, you will get the blotchy look. Maple is one of those woods that does not take stain evenly w/o a conditioner. Only recourse would be to have the cabinets refinished.

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Not all woods are prone to blotching.
Not all stains are prone to blotching.
Not all pre-conditioners work (especially when used as directed).

The problem is, that blotching is one of the few finishing defects that you can't easily correct by stripping and re-doing the finish.

It sounds like whoever did the finishing messed up. I'd go back to them for correction.

First rule of finishing: "Test the entire finish schedule on scrap before committing to your project."

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