vinyl windows--do they last?

kristinekrSeptember 18, 2010


We are looking to replace some casement windows.

We have gotten bids for Pella encompass (which got a good Consumer Reports review), renewal andersen, Harvey vinyl, and a local vinyl window company that has been around for years and has a good reputation.

The renewal andersen salesperson made a good pitch that the fibrex used in their windows is superior to the vinyl.

Does anyone have any info on that?

Also, does anyone have experience with the vinyl pellas or harveys.

Should the vinyl windows last for at least 10 or 15 years? If not, what type of material (and brand) should we consider?

thanks so much! price is a factor, but if we are going to have to replace the replacement vinyl windows in just 5 years or so, it would make more sense to spend more money now and get something that will last!

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Forget Consumer Reports, they are not a good judge of windows period. Search Pella on this site and you will find very unflattering things about them in general and I would steer clear of anything with their name on it. Renewal by Andersen is very overrated and they use high pressure sales tactics which many including myself cannot stand.Although I believe fiberglass windows are good and durable depending on the brand. Yes a quality vinyl window will definitely last 15 years without any issues as long as they are a quality window and if not more importantly the installation is proper and correct!!!

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15 years is where the bidding starts for good vinyl. I have no doubt that very good vinyl windows will last every bit of 25-30 years.

Fiberglass is also a very good option.

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thank you very much for your replies.

Does anyone have experience with harvey vinyl?

Also, any opinions on sliding (also called rolling or gliding) windows? We are considering replacing the casements with the sliding windows due to the lower price. We rarely open the windows, so don't really care what the opening mechanism is, although the sliding windows I looked at opened so much easier than the casement. The sliding windows do meet the requirment for the tax credit, although i have read that the sliding windows are less energy efficient than the casements.

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Sliders have higher air infiltration rates than casements. In fact, casements have the lowest air infiltration ratings of any operable window.

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