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james_007September 25, 2012

I know most of people choose vinyl patio doors and windows. just wondering what're the pros and cons compare the vinyl-clad wood patio doors with vinyl patio doors? you professionals may have some good insights.

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This may not be the answer that you are looking for, but the differences on patio doors will be the same differences that you would find in windows. There are great products in each material, and terrible products in each material-- which product you should choose really depends on your priorities. I don't believe that there is a vinyl door made that can match the beauty and richness of some of the nicer wood products, however there is really not a wood product that can match the performance ratings, and price of the best vinyl options... One last note, I am not a fan of vinyl clad wood units. There are nice fiberglass/wood combos, and nice aluminum clad wood combos that are better choices IMO.

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+1 on Homesealed's advice as it is spot on

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It's good to know there are other options. I feel I will like aluminum clad wood better.

Did a quick search, Marvin, JELD-WEN, Hurd and Pella are manufacturers. Never heard Hurd before. It seems Marvin and JELD-WEN are better choice. Anybody can give me a review?

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Jeldwen, Pella and Hurd are all poor quality products in my opinion.

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I have a Marvin & Hurd patio door in my house. The Marvin is great. The Hurd has been a nightmare. The door was delayed over a month. When it came it the factory built the door wrong. The second time they never shipped me all the parts. I bought a prehung door but neither door was hung. I had to install the hinges and hang the panel. It is a standard 32" door so it is not over sized. I am still missing some hardware for the door. The wood is chipped around the bore for the lock and the factory strike plate will not cover it. At this point I just want all the parts so the door will operate properly. I am not impressed with the hardware. The Marvin feels like better quality.

Now my Marvin door arrived correct and on time the first time. It was hung properly in the jamb. It has been in 4 years now and operates like new. My parents have a 4 year old Marvin Integrity door and had the same experience.

Next time I will spend the extra money for the Marvin Door. Avoid the Hurd.

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