any thoughts on invisible spring hinge?

shortycakeJune 19, 2008

We would like hidden hinges for our kitchen cabinet doors. The euro hinge doesn't fit. Rockler suggested the invisible spring hinge as a possibility. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with it? Need to decide between the invisible spring hinge for a concealed look or the regular semi concealed hinge.

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I don't know, it looks kind of light-duty.
When you say "the euro hinge doesn't fit" I wonder if you just have not yet located the proper type of euro hinge; they are made for almost every fitment imaginable, but it takes a lot of technical know-how sometimes to determine which hinge to buy. And some manufacturer's websites are useless to help a layman figure it out; Blum's site, for example is byzantine.
All the euro hinges must have a 1 1/4" hole bored near the edge of the door to be imstalled. If that's holding you back, you can buy a jig/bit set for less than $20.

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