Save a Life! I need advice on wood glues.

synrgystykJune 2, 2008

No, you're not saving *my* life -- you're saving the life of the drunk chatty guy who decided the just-picked-up-from-the-stripper-and-being-sanded antique heart pine 4-panel closet door was a bench to sit on. Now the panel that already had a lengthwise crack (probably from being painted-in) has two more cracks and the moulding on the other side has a chunk broken out. (To say I was furious was an understatement. My boyfriend and another friend quickly escorted the drunk to the sidewalk before I killed him.)

Anyway, is there a wood glue that will take a finish? I'll be finishing the door with BLO and shellac. I'd like to minimize the appearance of the damage (the previously existing lengthwise crack will be obvious, but I'd already rationalized it as "character"). The only wood glue I have right now is the yellow stuff from Lowes. I don't mind picking up something else, or ordering from a website, but have no clue if anything else would be better.

Any suggestions? (Commiseration is also welcome LOL)



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Clamping the panel is impossible, right?

You could use clear epoxy resin and a syringe to inject it into the crack.

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If the split panel has a clean break, with no paint in it, you could temporarily hot-glue small blocks to both sides to use as purchase for clamping the panel together. I'd seal first with shellac so the wood isn't damaged when breaking the blocks off. I'd use 5-minute epoxy. After the repairs are effected, you can sand or scrape the shellac off, and continue with your desired finish scheme.

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aidan_m, you're right, clamping the panel won't work.

Casey, the complete lengthwise split is now free of paint so I should be able to pull it back together. It'll likely take some wood filler to help camoflage, but I think it'll end up looking ok.

I like your idea of using wood blocks -- I'd been planning on using screws and filling the resultant holes, but the wood block sound better. And I should be able to clamp the chunk of panel moulding.

Let's see...I have shellac, a hot glue gun (somewhere), 5-minute epoxy, and clamps. Now all I have to do is find the time. *sigh*

So, Casey, I have to be in Charles Town/Ranson on Thursday anyway.... LOL


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Drop the door off, I'll fix it this weekend. LOL

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