Need help on welcome sign gift

mermaidmosaicsSeptember 15, 2008

I wrote out a long message and lost it. so, this sign is named blood sweat and tears because of cuts on every finger, the resin from HE++ fiasco which caused me to swear and sweat and take off every ounce of the resin.

so, here is where i need help. Here is my sign. When I was sanding off the resin, it took off most of the detail on the polymer clay tiles. so I painted it back on, badly with a cheap brush which is all i had at the time,

The second try with resin worked otu well but I don't like the "est" 2008 and "of"

I made a batch of new tiles of those two words and in pix three you see them laid on top of the sign, it sticks out quite a bit though. The first two pix are the original tiles with newly poured resin.

Do any of you have any idea of how to salvage this??? Let me know cuz I am willing to try a lot without having to do the whole thing again!!! it will be ready for their one year anniversary , if I go that route. ROFL and crying..

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I haven't done this type of work but looking at it I'm wondering if you couldn't sand off the est & 2008 on back to make them thinner &/or remake est,of & 2008 much thinner so it looks like meant to be that way. Rest looks great!! Jan

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Ok Mermaid lets see if I can explain my thots right. First off we are our own worst critics. I see and understand what you are saying as far as the lettering. But I keep going back to the first picture and looking and looking at the lettering. IF you find a sign that has been around for ages, part of the charm of the sign is the lettering. It looks worn and weathered. Do you see where I'm going? You can change out the lettering, but I can see a charm in the lettering of the first pic. Just my opinion. I like the signas is, good job.

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Gee, I think it looks pretty darn good. But if you are not happy with it you could try again with the paint - this time with a good brush. I'd use a 1/4" flat brush and acrylic paint - even something like folkart or delta or you could try an antiquing medium. folkart makes one that I use a lot. It come in those little 2 oz. bottles like the paint. Its water base and easy to use and if you don't like it it will wash of with a damp cloth if you do it right away. You can also thin it with water if you want. I'd experiment with it a little though befor trying it on your sign (which really does look good!) Good luck and don't be so hard on yourself. You did a great job!

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GOOD GRIEF, MER!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT in Heaven's name are you doing driving yourself crazy????? Now let me see if I can find a way to tell you what I think. If I were near enough to you, I'd drive to your house, turn you over my knee and w/a marshmallow paddle, spank you real good. DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH THAT BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, WELL-DONE SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gee.. thanks gals. Slow, This has truly been a nightmare. You should have seen me when the sign stuck to the tile and board and I COULDN"T pull it off!!!!! ROFL
Five more finger cuts and I got the whole thing back to the beginning.

I have looked at this sign until I saw DOUBLE!!! Right now I am thinking of just painting the back (which got all beat up in the struggle), stamping my sign with a stamp I bought that says " Handmade work of art. you are holding a limited edition piece of handmade art. Any imperfections which may be present are to be revered as a mark of original art"

Part of me really really itching to do what Sunny and Eggshell lady suggest, but I don't dare screw it up ANYMORE!!!!!

It is what it is, right girls Smile I do feel a bit better, and I don't want to get hit with a marshmallow paddle ROFL

so this is how it will stay...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It is absolutely W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L.!!!!! You beat all w/your quest for perfection. Quit it!!! I totally agree w/KAT. I LOVE your stamp's message. Get real - hand-made art is something to be desired - NOT perfection. As KAT said the charm of a piece is in the little details that show it IS hand-made. I'm so glad you're keeping it as is. As you get more practice, these things won't be so much labor-intensive.

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Thanks Slow. I'm not a pro at this but I love the charm that may to some be an imperfection, but when all is said and done that IS the art. And I too love this sign. When it is from the heart the art is a perfection.

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Yep, what they said......your sign as it is looks wonderful! **You** may see imperfection (coz you know what's gone on so far!), but anyone else seeing it sees only a loving gift. We all have to keep in mind, as slow said, that handmade art is NEVER perfect and it is not meant to be...only a machine can make something absolutely straight, absolutely matchey-matchey perfect. Adn who in their right mind would prefer that to something so filled with LOVE?


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I'm glad everybody liked it as is!!So did I,& wondered why you wanted to risk damaging it but that is way some perfectionests are!! Glad you left it alone! Sure they will love it! Jan

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