cathyscacheSeptember 29, 2009

This is what I have been doing every minute I can the last week. All of my tess was in ziploc bags and then in milk crates. I can no longer lift the heavy milk crates (neck thing) (plus it was a lot ofdigging and searching) so I have been on a mission and putting it all in plastic and glass containers. I have waaaaay more than I thought, so has taken way toooo long. But I am real close to being finished. Maybe another day or 2 and I'll be done. I am so hoping I get a studio (all to myself) next summer. How nice that would be!!!! I won't hold my breath of course but is a nice dream!! Later all

Here is a link that might be useful: Organizing

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You and FLAG put me to shame. Wish I could make myself clean thoroughly my workshop. I have a little table just like those but no place to put it. It's in my workshop - hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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I wish I had a workshop to organize.
I get so tired walking in and out of the garage!
By the end of the day my feet hurt sooo bad.
Good luck with that!

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Well I have to share my work space w/ hubby, and the Jeep in the winter. But I have a pretty nice area. Anyway I do when it's clean. I'll show my whole space when it's clean and completely organized. I'm trying to figure a way to make a table top over a dresser I have. Hopefully I'll figure things out and be done by Fri.
It is so much easier finding colors I need. No more digging YEAH!!!

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Have you thought of a hollow-core door over saw horses? The horses don't cost much from Lowes, and the hollow-core doors can be found at surplus stores. Mighty wonderful work space. Both my work tables were built from doors I'd taken off rooms in my house. Your hubby can figure that one out easily. Door on top, door on bottom and stabilized legs and rollers, but the door/horses is pretty cheap for a start.

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Hey Slow, Yeah I used folding tables and the hollow door. But I'm looking to make this permanent. I have an old heavy dresser that my tools and other supplies are stored. Am thinking of attaching plywood on top, rounding the edges and wa la another work space. Hubby not here so I'm doing it myself. Ha!!! We'll see if it works. I hope it does. if not it was a good idea!!!!!

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I have an old sideboard in my garage I could utilize but never get around to cleaning/organizing, so there she sits. I have a door across two Walmart chests for my scoring/breaking Glass Pro thingy, and added two cinder blocks and another half door for a little shelf above it. I keep my tools out all the time. Guess I'm not very neat, but it all works for me.

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SLOW: I'm not very neat when I'm working either!! I can have tiles and tools everywhere when I'm working on a project. But since I have to share my space I fell the need to clean up every once in awhile. My hunny gets discusted with me most of the time but oh well I figure he can either deal w/ it or built me a studio!!!! Maybe I shouldn't clean and he'll built it sooner rather than later!! OH I'm mean!!! LOL!!!!!

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