Door sticking

jem199June 28, 2010

I recently finished a door with polyurethane. It sticks now. Any solutions to this?

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Sticks? Sticks to the weather stripping, sticks to the painted frame, binds on the frame, what? Is it oil-based or water-based "polyurethane?" How heavy did you put it on?

While w/b finishes dry in about an hour and oil-based dry in a few hours, both take 3-4 weeks to fully cure. If you oil-based on too thick, the top can skin over and prevent the lower level from curing for a long, long, time.

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Adjust the hinges to create a gap where it is binding now. Only a finish carpenter can do this properly, it is the sort of skill you acquire through years of experience.

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(I am not a finish carpenter), but when I need to diagnose sticking doors and drawers on furniture, I take a piece of paper and slide it along the gap to help me find just where the fit is interfering. For doors, from there the basic techniques are:
- leveling the unit to take it out of racking (the most common cure)
- deepening or shimming hinge mortises
- adjusting the hinges (Euro hinges, n/a to people doors)
- swaging the hinges (applies to leaf hinges)
- planing or sanding the door or frame edges.

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