A dangerous and brain-damaged website... who can YANK it?

fixizinApril 19, 2011

It's like a clueless Chinese peasant, in a rural village withOUT electricity, blogged this up, and had it translated by someone with a brain injury. The advice ranges from the absurd to the dangerous, passing through several forms of incoherence along the way!

I used to know how to look up website registration, ownership, etc... but even so, HOW do you get crap-ola like this YANKED?


Here's some choice gems of whiz-dumb:

Pushmatic circuit breakers are the most common type of breaker used today in home electric panels.

Ree-hee-ally... where, in Kazakhstan?

There are two primary types of pushmatic breakers used today. These include the double and single pole breakers. You will only use a single pole breaker for a 15 amp 120 volt system. Double pole pushmatic electric breakers are typically used for a 20 amp panel.

Truly, the author has a keen grasp of North American residential electric systems, and the difference between current and voltage... NOT! This is confirmed by his equally keen grasp of "grounding" and safety while working in a panel:

Always be sure you are grounded when working with any type of electrical device or to replace circuit breaker. An electrical panel is dangerous to perform work on. You won't just get shocked if you touch the wrong wire or you are electrocuted... The best way to ground yourself when working on a panel is to place a rubber mat on the ground and stand on it at all times until you are finished working on the panel. Wearing shoes with rubber soles is another way to be sure you are grounded.

The "insights" on when to use single vs. double pole breakers is, as you would surmise from the above, equally "sage":

The two pole pushmatic circuit breakers should be used for specific applications... When using these breakers, it is important to keep in mind they should be used for 240 volt air conditioners. Do not exceed this voltage and always be sure the breakers you are using are for the proper application of electricity in the panel.

Well stated. Clear as mud. Not sure how you exceed 240 volts? Charge-pump/transformer model of Pushmatic?

Each two pole breaker also requires 3/4 inches of space.

Again, those must be the Kyrgyzstan Pushmatics, as the N. American version takes up 1.5 inches on each buss bar.

Here is a link that might be useful: Elek-trik-al fer kidz who can't read good. ;')

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Ron Natalie

This is just drivel that the squatters put into the domains they are squatting on to misdirect search engines to them with the hope that someone trips over one of the sponsored ad links.

Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about it and anybody who reads these sorts of pages, deservers what they get.

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They also have a food site that says when your sitting enjoying that savory steak it is really chicken.

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There is no authority policing the web, and I am not sure I would want one.

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