Help with swollen doors please

2ajsmamaJune 18, 2009

I just went to sand/stain the other side of the door I started on Sat - it's swollen (thought it was b/c we moved it from garage to basement with dehumidifier b/c of all the rain) and I can't get the little "card" from the manufacturer out of the space b/t the panel and stile! To make things worse, I checked the other doors in the house that I had left the cards on to remind myself to finish them, *they're* all stuck and all of them (even the closet doors, BR doors with card on wall side that we always leave open against wall, blinds closed so no sun) have sharp "outlines" where the wood is lighter under the cards and yellow where it got any light. The only ones w/o the outlines are the pocket doors that we keep slid back into the walls (MBA).

So now I'm running the AC trying to dry out the house enough to get the cards out so they can all discolor evenly - hoping they'll be evenly-colored by end of summer?

Just have to get the card out of the one I've got half-finished ASAP b/c I hate to hang it with one (big) side unfinished or it'll warp. Any ideas? DH carried it up to unfinished bathroom (aka small finishing shop LOL) for me so we can get it in AC. Also a window there - maybe once I can get the card out if I leave it in the sun it'll discolor evenly?


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I'm sorry, it looks like no one had any ideas for you. How does it look now? Has the color blended together yet?
Good luck with the rest of your project.


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Actually, it's still sitting there - I got busy with window casings and a custom (continuous) bay window stool. I think I'm going to just cut that one card out with a razor blade (angled under the stile if I can) and stain/finish it, with just a light coat of gel stain and poly I think it will still eventually even out. It's just a linen closet door, but since it's visible from the bottom of the stairs I would like it close.

The others will wait til winter - I'll put the cards out when the wood shrinks. I still have LR, half bath, foyer and laundry room baseboard to finish and install (after installer fixes my foyer tile *again*), also all the door casings in the downstairs, and all the sashes in the house.

I think the master bath is going to have to wait another year.

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I get it.
We just got back to our second bathroom tiling job-- five years after we started it.

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Well, tile guy is coming tomorrow, I've got half the door casings that will go in the tiled area stained and ready to poly, have railing up and newels on order (should get this week, finish them next week). So hopefully in about 2 weeks I should have railing finished (just stained for now, will take down and finish when I do the newels), the entire staircase installed and finished, the pocket door lowered (currently jambs are 1/2" above tile which is good since we have to replace tile again), the French doors hung (have been in coat closet for 2 years waiting to be finished but we had tile issues so I haven't finished them and set the jambs in place), the casings finished and up on the kitchen and DR doorways (these walls are already painted). Then I'll have to repaint the foyer & half bath again b/c the tile installer will scrape the walls with his toolbelt and/or plywood like he did last year and the year before, then we can get the other casings and the baseboard up in the foyer and half bath (by end of Sept? 25 months after moving in?). Hopefully we will have no more tile issues.

My "temporary" railing and half (the top half! - 30" long cedar left over from swingset) newel

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