Paint Base or ATO for exterior Mahogany?

CEFreemanJune 25, 2012

I'm still working on my mahogany front door. It's looking so beautiful!

I am about ready to put something on it, and was all set to go get the $4 or 5 paint base that dries clear. It's so well recommended for exterior stuff everywhere I read. Latex based vs. oil based, too.

Then, I just searched under weathering mahogany, (because I like the grayed colors) and keep reading about Cabot's Australian Timber Oil as the best for an exterior sealant.

What's your recommendation and why?

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Have not had good luck with ATO in past few years.

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Have you used something instead?

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Oils provide minimal protection and will allow the wood to age, that you indicate is desirable. They need to be renewed frequently (every year or two), but that is easy. This would be an "in the wood" finish.

Paint base would be more protective, last longer and be an "on the wood" finish.

Neither is correct or best, it's what you want.

For an accelerated patina, see the below.

Here is a link that might be useful: weathering wood

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Thanks, bobsmyuncle.
I'm aware of the baking soda trick. It works beautifully on cedar.

I'm not so sure on Mahogany.

You state "Neither is correct or best"
Could you suggest what IS?
That's the whole bottom line on preserving this door. It's bare wood now. ,

P.S. I bought a palate (125) 6' fence pickets that were "weathered" from this fencing place. $1.00 a picket. Taking them apart proved as I expected, that they weren't weathered on the inside of the palate. What it did show, that neither they nor I realized, is that they're cedar. I'll be aging them with the baking soda. But boy to they smell good! :)

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I would look at TWP (Amteco brand) products.

While mainly aimed at the deck market, they have some finishes (TWP 300 SERIES) that might provide what you want.

Other than that, spar varnish and a resignation to maintenance on a regular basis (polish and a new coat for spar).

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Ready Seal or Armstrong Clark produts

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Well, it was just a little too late and I already had purchased the ATO.

Why did you have bad experiences and what were they?
I am loving the way the door looks!

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