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lamaluJune 30, 2008

Hi all. I built my first tuteur over the weekend and while I'm pretty happy with it I did have a problem tapering the boards at the top so they meet cleanly. Does anyone have tips on how to do this? I used 1x3's, 81" long. I knew how far apart the legs would be splayed and I used a 4" by 4" block as a spacer at the top so I couls have a little platform for a finial or whatever. Somwhow I ended up with a bigger gap than I wanted. I cut away too much material. I hope this makes sense and someone can help me.


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You haven't provided enough information. Is this a layout/geometry problem (you don't have a clear grasp of the shape you're trying to cut the wood to) or is it a question about how to cut a shape that you've already clarified?

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Of course, you could use a bit of trigonometry to figure out your angles, but then how are you going to set 5.34 degrees?

I imagine the old timers would either use a framing square for simple proportions or just lay it up there and mark it off from the wood itself.

Though I'm capable of the trig and can set angles like this using the same, I'd do the latter.

Unless you've mis-spelled what you really built, then I have no idea.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That's it! Mine looks a little different because I used recycled wood. I tried to mark the pieces off like you suggest and ended up cutting away too much material. Now I'm thinking that if I had divided the amount to cut by 2 and then cut each piece it would have been right. What I had marked only would have worked if I was cutting one side and leaving the other. Does that make sense?
I have looked at several plans for building these and when it comes to tapering the top the directions always say, 'taper the top', they never tell you how! I am going to use scrap wood to play around with this until I get it. I really would like to make one for the bf's yard.
Thank you!

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